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Automatic Directory Submission Tool

Automatic directory submission tool help us to submit our websites into to major free and paid internet directories. We can also track the status of each submision through periodical check using submission status checker script. Directory manager will help us to find out whether directory is active or not.

Keyword Position Checker

Keyword position checker will find the search engine position of targetted keywords of your website and stores it in the system. In keyword position reports section, we can see the daily positions of keywords in different search engines by beautiful graphs and detailed reports.

Site Auditor

Site Auditor will audit all SEO factors of each pages of a site and will give a detailed report about each page. This will help us to create XML,HTML,TEXT sitemap files of our website for submit to search engines.

Google and Alexa Rank Checker

Google and alexa rank checker will find google pagerank and alexa rank of our websites and stores it in the system. In rank reports section, we can see the daily google and alexa rank of each website by detailed reports.

Backlinks Checker

Backlinks checker will find number of backlinks of our websites in different search engines(google,yahoo,msn etc) and stores it in the system.
In backlink reports section, we can see the daily backlinks count of each website by detailed reports.

Search Engine Saturation Checker

Search Engine Saturation checker will find number of indexed pages of our websites in different search engines(google,yahoo,msn etc) and stores it in the system. In search engine saturation checker reports section, we can see the daily indexed page count of each website by detailed reports.

API Manager

Seo Panel API for managing keywords, websites, users and reports

Seo Panel Plugins

The major feature of seo control panel is its extentability. Add seo plugins to your seo panel to extend the features according to your requirement. Seo panel plugins are provided by both seo panel and third party sites. You can also easily develop seo plugins for your seo panel. You can submit your seo plugin to seo panel and we will publish it in our website after our review process.

Proxy Server Feature

You can add proxy server to seo panel and generate reports using proxy server. That wil help us to reduce the load of our main site.

Multi Language Support

Seo panel can be used in multi languages and user can set their native language for thier session. Currently seo panel support 30 languages English, French, German, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Chinese(traditional and simplified), Greek, Persian, Arabic, Danish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Czech, Slovak, Portuguese - Brazil, Vietnamese, Spanish Argentina, Lithuanian, Japanese, Swedish and Slovenian.

Print and Export Reports

You can easily print and export reports in HTML, PDF and CSV from seo panel and save it for future use.

Import Keywords

You can import keywords from other softwares to seo panel using simple keyword import interface.

Meta Tag Generator

Meta tag generator is a seo panel plugin for creating custom meta tags for our site. It will help us to give more information about our website to search engine bots while they crawl our website.

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I am really loving SEO Panel. It has become my number 1 tool for SEO. I bought the Local Search engine package a few weeks ago and it has been going great. I've just bought the Link Diagnosis plugin as well...(more), Stephen Forde(Managing Director)
We have been searching for a comprehensive and reliable, open-souce SEO project manager for a while now, and "accidently" came across SEOPanel. This tool almost offers all the must-have features needed to manage a successful SEO project. With a few additional and essential features, I am sure that SEOPanel will be the best SEO tool on the market, beating most of the well-known paid services that a..(more), John van Rooyen (Owner/Manager - JMGrafixx, South Africa)
seo Panel super thank you :)))..(more), cihan
SEO planel is so easy and must have tool if you are managing multiple website, it saves me a lot of time. Thanks again for your effort and keeping it free of charge.

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