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TrackVisitors monitors and saves all the visits and visitors of all your sites, at all hours without any limit.

Is an important support to the SEO techniques, because in addition to ethical and technical odds, need to know more about the popularity of our websites, this tool get real data from whom, how, and when our visitors.

No complicated panels, without assistants useless without publicity, without complexities. All clear at first sight very quickly.

Written and available in 13 languages (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, French, German, Bulgarian, Chinese, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Romanian, and Russian)

Linguistic texts easily modified from text files in the folder locale.

All information from the visits of the database can be exported to Excel with just one click.


Menu Functions:

- Instructions

- Configuration

- Managing Mail Alerts:

You can create alerts to receive notification in your email.

- See the code for `Scanner`:

Explains what you need to do on your sites to link to this plugin, and you the exact code to insert.

- See Visits and Visitors:

The view you see all that has happened in your sites, you can use criteria on when and how to order the query, and then you can export everything to Excel.

- View Stats:

In a 12 page show statistical graphs, which define clearly and in detail in quantity and rate the profiles of your visits, dates and times, where they come, that you have found search engines, text that you searched, the operating system have shown that your web browser to use .. etc.

- Errors reported:

If a client has not registered your visit, or some of its details, here you will know when and why.


Version: 1.0.0

Released: 2011-01-31

Last Updated: 2011-01-31

Requires Seo Panel Version: 2.0.0

Download Count: 37739

Author: apachebcn

Support: Plugin Website

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