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Social Media Notification Tracker

Social media notification tracker fetch updates from facebook public pages and twitter accounts, linkedin company and group links at regular intervals and stores in a plugin table. We can see updates from the plugin, all the updates from many accounts and even from different social medias in a single place. We have filter settings to watch for interested updates. In this way you won't miss any important updates from any facebook, twitter and linkedin accounts. You will get an email alert if the updates matches the filter you added. Also you can easily navigate to the post in social media from the plugin and email alert.  Please see demo website to get a clear picture.

As per the request from customers we added linkedin support. Thanks for supporting the plugin, and that helps us to add more features.


I use your plugin and its very good.  (Damien STRULLU)

Steps to see Demo.

login using spadmin / demosp
After login click on Seo Plugins link at the top.
it will takes you to
Then we have
Project Manager, Social Media Manager, Social Media Link Manager, Social Media Updates etc.
You can add a filter to get updates matching a filter.

Latest feature.

Added support for linked in company and group accounts. Released it on 26th July 2013.


Version history

1.0.0 => Support for fb and twitter accounts. Email notification for matched filters.
1.0.1 => Enhanced look of email alerts.
1.1.0 => Added support for linked in company and group profiles.
             Modified code to add more socila medias easily in future, we are planning to add more medias in future.


We are working on a socilamedia tool, happy to know feedback to improve it.

username:    password: password



Please drop a mail to contact {at} levoirsolutions {dot} com  if you want to get a custom version of the plugin, also it's pleasure to hear feedback from the community.    


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Version: 1.1.0

Released: 2013-05-05

Last Updated: 2013-12-17

Requires Seo Panel Version: 2.0.0

Download Count: 35

Author: Levoir Solutions

Support: Plugin Website

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Price: $25

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