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SERP Tracker for Wordpress

SERP Tracker for Wordpress

Version 1.1.0 is out with enhancements for older version of SERP Tracker for Wordpress. Major changes includes,

1)Used highchart graph plugin to make presentation nice.

2)Added support for google country wise serp track.

3)bug in cron script is fixed.

SERP Tracker for Wordpress is a wordpress plugin, it can be installed just like any other wordpress plugin.  Once you activate it, you will see a link in the left side with text Seo Panel. Plugin consist  of a cron script that will fetch
added keyword rank in each website you assigned.  You can use keyword position summary link to analyse rank change. Explaining below briefly use of each link.

Rank Checker for wordpress.

You can use SERP Tracker for Wordpress plugin as a rank checker for your website keywords. You can add any website to track ranks of its keywords.  We use the name Wordpress Rank Checker, SERP Tracker for wordpress and Rank Checker for Wordpress. But You can use this plugin to track rank of any website, but you have to install with your wordpress.


Keyword Position Summary.

It shows  latest rank of each keyword, also it shows weather rank went up or down from previous rank check.  Rank change from previous check is mentioned in a curly bracket. If rank went up by one it will be specified as (1) in green color, if rank went down by two, it will be mentioned as (-2) in red color.

Website Manager.

You can add websites, edit websites and delete websites from the Website Manage link.  You can add websites in which you want to know rank of keywords.  For example, if you want to know rank of keywords in website,  first you have to add website from Website Manager.

Keyword Manager.

Keyword Manager is to manage keywords for each websites. If you add a keyword under a website, our script will check the keyword rank of it  in the website.

Generate Keyword Reports.

If you want to know the rank of a keyword in a search engine  you can use this link.

Cron Command.
You have to add the command to cron, so that  rank checker script will run in scheduled time to check rank of each keyword and that will be saved in database.

Please drop a mail to seopanel {at} levoirsolutions {dot} com  if you want to get a custom version of the plugin, also it's pleasure to hear feedback from the community.  











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Version: 1.1.0

Released: 2013-04-06

Last Updated: 2017-01-31

Requires Seo Panel Version: 2.0.0

Download Count: 17

Author: WHMCS Tools

Support: Plugin Website

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